Friday, July 8, 2011

Carol Marine Workshop

Sixteen wonderful ladies (not kids Carol) joined together  at the begining of July to participate in a Workshop given by the internationally recognized still life painter Carol Marine . She did a fine job of encourging us to paint more.  I really feel like I need to get down to work. Yet here I am working on my blog. Well it has been quite a while and the subject mattered strayed from it's original intent which was to document one womens journey in the painting world.
I will blog more I promise.
And soon I will blog  about Carols workshop because I feel so inspired. That is definetly how a workshop should make you feel. I am doing this short up date so that the ladies that I met will see that I intend to stay sort of current and they will find something new here when they check in.
Carol gave us so much information about how she paints and markets herself  that I am overwhelmed with ideas and don't want to spend too much time just yet on this blog but will post some pics soon from the workshop and of current work.
I was in very good company too  these two ladies also have blogspots so check them out. Sharon Williams  andCheryl Quist

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